Choose from these Brands

Carpet Specialists is proud to offer these fine brands of area rugs. We’ve provided links to their websites so you can browse their complete product selection. Please visit our showroom to see our extensive in-stock selection of rugs, or we’ll work with you to order the perfect rug from one of our excellent suppliers. We can even create custom rugs (see sample here).


Area Rugs

Carpet Specialists is your area rug specialist, as well.

We have hundreds of in-stock rugs to choose from every day. Beyond that, we represent the finest manufacturers and can help you select the rug of your dreams from the thousands of rugs available. We can also make custom rugs and we offer binding options for creating rugs from some of our beautiful carpeting.

There are rug styles to suit every imaginable decorating taste—from classic to contemporary to whimsical and even quirky. From hand made to machine made, natural fibers versus synthetic rugs, for indoor and outdoor applications, there are choices to fit every budget.

You’ll love what the perfect rugs can do for your space, including:
  • An area rug will quickly and easily define a space and give a room style and character.

  • Rugs can be design statement that reflects your unique personality and taste.

  • The layering effect of adding a rug makes a room feel warmer, more cozy and intimate.

  • Rugs can help decrease the noise level in a space with hardwood, tile, or other hard surface flooring.

  • You can use rugs to decorate your home for the seasons or holidays.

  • Rugs are a great design investment because you can take them with you if and/or when you move!

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a rug. Your Carpet Specialists sales associate will work with you to help you understand your choices and make the best selection.

Buying Tips for Area Rugs

Caring for Your Area Rug

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